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While we have always supported our country and products made in the USA in the last few years we have taken additional measures to show our support. To help keep Americans working, we implemented a "Made in USA campaign". While our security team is providing clients with protective services, a minimum of 50% of their uniform and duty equipment consists of products made in the USA and in many cases the percentage is closer to 80%. For further details, please visit our MADE IN USA page at

Our primary objective is to offer security services that will truly protect our clients, their customers/clients, their staff, and their interests. While that may sound like a simple enough objective, it is far more complex than is generally understood. We are not a "one size fits all" security provider. Just as our clients are evaluating a security provider to ensure they are getting the right one, we evaluate our clients. Why? Because if we don't properly evaluate our clients to ensure we can offer them the protection they need, we aren't doing our job.

There are several agencies out there, and for certain applications their services might be better utilized than ours. For example, if an client is looking for security just because they are required to have it and strictly focused on the lowest cost, we may not be the best fit. Of course we try to work with your budget and often times our innovative cost saving management techniques allow us to provide superior services for the same or less than other security providers. However, we have found that if a client is solely focused on the lowest cost and doesn't consider all of the things that are involved with protecting their business, then we may not be a good fit. Our agency tries to keep our client base smaller so that we can give full attention to their needs. We have seen all to often when an agency bids low on many accounts to secure their business and unfortunately we have also seen these agencies spread themselves too thin resulting in poor service and even lack of coverage because they cannot cover the assignment properly.

We provide armed guards with the training necessary to protect your interests. Not just because they are armed with a firearm, but because they are armed with the skills necessary to respond to situations in a professional and courteous manner. Whether it is a customer asking for directions or a homeless person causing a disturbance, we treat everyone with courtesy and respect. So you may ask, do we actually train people to be nice? No, we make sure that before they even become part of our team that they have the attitude and demeanor necessary to handle this type of work. Something that must be demonstrated before, during, and after hire, is GOOD JUDGMENT. We believe that good judgment is a quality that an individual must posses to be successful in the security industry. We believe that those qualities can be improved upon and that is the focus of our training. We want our security personnel to exercise good judgment in any and every situation.


  • Ensure that your customers, clients, and employees feel safe when at your establishment
  • Ensure that your customers and clients return to your establishment
  • Avoid a conflict or end conflict in a positive manner
  • Assist with risk management efforts to ensure that your business minimizes its exposure to litigation
  • Contribute to promoting a positive image and perception of your organization


  • Give people a poor perception of your business
  • Cause you to lose business if they don't feel safe while at your establishment
  • Get your company named as a defendant or co defendant in a lawsuit

A common misconception regarding security services is that if something occurs as a result of an interaction with a contracted security agency, the business that contracted them is free of any liability. It is true that using a contracted security agency can mitigate any claims against you as a result of their actions, but attorneys follow the money. If they see an opportunity to gain more money by involving you, they may do just that, especially if they can find any negligence on your part. For example, contracting a security company based solely upon cost as opposed to their qualifications may demonstrate negligence.

Another area where we differ from many security agencies is that we specialize in offering armed security personnel. Yes, with good judgment, but also with firearms and/or other approved and appropriate defense mechanisms. This is often a controversial subject and people will ask, "what about the liability, isn't having an armed guard more dangerous?" The truth is, yes it can be. If a guard is not properly qualified to carry a firearm then they should have no business doing so. Part of our screening process includes evaluation scenarios in which we screen for someone who may not exercise good judgment while on duty as an armed guard. We also ensure that they are properly qualified to carry a firearm. They must have real world previous experience as an armed guard, military or law enforcement background, or other related and applicable experience. Higher standards during the initial qualification are required prior to consideration for employment. These standards must be maintained and improved on a consistent basis.

An armed guard serves as an extremely effective visual deterrent to criminal activity. Security personnel that are armed are usually treated with more respect by the general public and criminals alike. If a violent criminal knows that a guard has the "means" to respond to an immediate life threatening situation if one is presented, that in itself is often enough to deter many criminals. However an unarmed guard does not have the "means" to respond to an immediate life threatening situation if presented by a criminal. Generally, but not always, a criminal will commit a crime at a place that he will have the least resistance and best opportunity to escape arrest. Take for example two banking institutions located across the street from each other. Both are of similar design with no windows or barriers to separate customers from the employees other than the counter. One of the banks has an armed guard that roams the lobby area while the other bank has an unarmed guard, or possibly no guard. Which do you suspect a criminal might try to commit a robbery? The bottom line is that having an armed guard as opposed to an unarmed guard will maximize the visual deterrence of criminal activity.

Another question you may have is how do we attract and retain these better qualified and better trained security personnel? This is one of the more challenging aspects we face. It requires more time and investment on our part, but is well worth it to provide our clients with the best services possible. It is also important that our staff are able to provide for their families. The security industry is known for being a lower paid profession. While we try to provide above average compensation for our staff we believe that even more important than the compensation is that our staff feel that they are part of a team. Consider this in your own life, would you rather work FOR someone, or WITH someone. We create an environment where our staff can feel as though they are working WITH us, toward a common goal. Our management works side by side in the field with our personnel. It is not uncommon to see the owner working a new account for several weeks until he feels that he understands the challenges of the particular detail first hand. When management comprehends the challenges that their security staff will encounter they are better able to help the staff overcome these challenges.

We understand that our staff will eventually want to progress and advance in their careers. We try to provide our staff with advancement opportunities when possible, but understand at some point they may have a better opportunity available to them outside of the company. As such, we try to help them in any way we can and as part of our commitment to help them advance, we ask that while they are with us that they give their best and adhere to our high standards. As a company, in addition to providing our clients with the best protective services available, we also want to do our part to help make our community a better place. We want to help provide a safe community for our families and yours. We want our neighbors to know that we care. If you are looking for a partner to help provide safe places to live and work for those you serve, please consider us to to help you with this task. One of our management team would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your needs. Not to provide you with a "one size fits all" solution, but a solution that is specific for your needs.