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In 2011, Tatone Investigations LLC implemented a Made in USA campaign in efforts to ensure we buy American made products whenever and wherever possible. Sadly, products that were once proudly made in the USA are now found with the label, Made in China. Please do not mistake that statement as implying that another country is incapable of producing a quality product, this is more an inference that our country has lost (or given away) its manufacturing capabilities that it once had.

We hope to use this page to maintain a listing of companies that support America by putting Americans to work, and providing products of unsurpassed quality for their fellow Americans. When we first started this campaign we couldn't have imagined how difficult it would be to find products made in America. As we continued, we were surprised to see the support of several US based companies and also at the lack of support from several others.

What we basically did was reach out to several companies and explain our efforts. We explained that we were a smaller organization but that it was still important for us to use American made products wherever we could. Some companies were moved by our efforts and did all they could to help accommodate our needs. Some explained that they could not provide smaller quantity orders directly to a smaller business, but still tried to assist us with finding their products through another outlet. Some had no interest in dealing with a smaller business at all and found it an inconvenience that we even inquired about their products. Seeing the lack of even the slightest consideration from the companies that turned away from our inquiries was quite discouraging.

We believe an American made product entails more than just being physically manufactured here. The companies listed on this page embrace excel in all areas of their business, not just in the superior quality of their products, but also in their service and support. These companies truly understand what being American made is about. They treated us with respect, courtesy, and unparalleled service. We are proud to share with you these products and companies, and our positive experiences we had with them. The list is maintained in no particular order.

While we understand that a product made in the USA will likely cost more than a product made in China, we hardly think that is an excuse for American companies to gouge on their prices. Many of the products found we have listed here are priced lower than a foreign made product of similar specifications. Why buy a foreign product of lesser quality when you can buy a higher quality American product for less? This is a question that we unfortunately found a potential answer to. Finding American made products takes a great deal of effort, resources, and patience. Most people just don't have the extra time to spend on something like this. If it were easier to buy American, we think more people would. Please share this page with fellow Americans and help support our fellow Americans by keeping them working.

Eye Safety Systems Inc. (ESS)

We were looking for an affordable solution for protective eye wear that was made in the USA and found that our armed forces use these products extensively. We have used their products since 2013 and have found them to be of exceptional quality. PLEASE NOTE: It appears that most products are made in the USA, however have recently learned that a few of their products are not produced domestically, please check product specifics to see where your product is made.

The Wilson Bohannan Co

We sought out to find a padlock made in the USA. As with most of the products listed here, the search was not only to find a quality American made product, but also at affordable prices. Our search led us to the Wislon Bohannan Co. It appears that they are the only remaining manufacturer of domestically produced padlocks. We reached out to the company and explained our efforts. They responded by showing us just what an American made product truly is, both in product and in spirit. They allowed us to sample some of their products and we saw instantly that the quality was unsurpassed and with features that you cannot find on foreign made lock products. For example, you may have many different locks of different sizes all keyed the same. This is especially useful for institutions that have a wide variety of needs for their padlocks while utilizing the same key. Their customer service also sets them apart from any other lock manufacturer. We appreciate their assistance and we are proud to recommend their product to all of our clients who utilize padlocks in their business operations.

Custom Credentials - Custom ID card solutions 608-333-8538

Custom Credentials has provided our identification cards and badges since 2001. They offer quality products at affordable prices. Those reasons alone are worth considering Custom Credentials, but their service is hands down the best you will find. They insure that they provide their customers with first rate service that can't be matched. Please feel free to give Tom a call and see what they can do for you.

Gould & Goodrich

Gould & Goodrich offers duty equipment for the security and law enforcement professions. They also offer consumers who want to carry a concealed firearm with a wide assortment of holster choices. All MADE IN THE USA. Having used their products for many years and knowing the quality, we wanted our security team to have the best duty gear available. We inquired about any programs they might have that would allow a small business some pricing assistance. The response we received was amazing. They were in complete support of our cause and and were happy to assist in purchasing their products. We thank them for their commitment to providing superior products for public service agencies and also to the consumer market. We especially thank them for their assistance to our organization.

Finding American made footwear has been one of the biggest challenges of all. While difficult, it can be done. We found 3 manufacturers of American made footwear.


Finding American made footwear is one of the bigger challenges we faced. Fortunately, we were able to find a few companies still producing at least some of their footwear in America.

Rocky: They offer a wide range of footwear made in the USA. We have recently ordered a pair of their 911 Athletic Oxfords for evaluation with our uniforms and thus far they have been very comfortable and appear to be durable. Many of their American made models are offered as footwear choices for our security and investigative staff.
Thorogood: They offer a wide range of footwear made in the USA. In the past, we have used many of their American made models for security use and they provided a durable, comfortable, and quality footwear product. Many of their American made models are offered as footwear choices for our security and investigative staff.
Okabashi: You may ask what is an Okabashi, and how could that be made in the USA. Well, Okabashi is a footwear brand that offers sandals made right here in the USA. Not just any sandals, they are affordable and comfortable. They also provide great support to the foot. Check them out to see if they have any styles for you. Their site is full of information about their products and they are one of the few footwear manufacturers based in the USA with all of their products made domestically.

Round House Jeans

American made jeans, do they still exist, and if so, where and how expensive??? In all our searches we found several American made jeans ranging from $80 up to $250. A working person is not going to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a product they will be using for work. You can find decent brand name work jeans ranging from $15 to $50, but all made in another country. At this point, we almost gave up on an American made option. But then we came across Round House. They make a rugged, durable, and quality product, yet they are priced between $25 and $40. When we ordered a pair for evaluation, we immediately noticed the quality construction and they are now also on our approved product/vendor list.


Several years back there were many companies that produced lighting instruments in the USA. Today you will find very few remaining manufacturers that produce their products domestically. MagLite however is one such company. We contacted them to inquire about their products and we are proud to report that all of their products are still produced here in the USA. Their products are of superior quality and at reasonable prices.

Fisher Space Pen

Writing instruments are another product that were once primarily made in the USA, but are now found made in foreign countries and of much lower quality. Fisher has been making their products in the USA for decades and offer high quality writing instruments. All of our investigative and security staff are provided with their writing instruments. If you want to support the American workforce even when doing something as simple as writing something down, consider a Fisher product.

Versa Carry

Over the years, I've went through many holsters. When Kel-Tec came up with the concept of a belt clip that could be mounted to the frame, I tried one out. While I liked the idea of the Kel-Tec belt clips, during range practice the clip often worked itself loose. Then there are the clip draw models. Clip draw offers two options that either mount to Glock model firearms by use of two small screws or a universal version which fits many firearms and is mounted to the slide by adhesive. I tried the one mounted by adhesive, and unfortunately it did not hold up well during practice sessions at the range. Then came Versa Carry. So what is Versa Carry you may ask? It is a holster system that reduces holster bulk, is easy and quick to draw from, works with several different firearms of same caliber, and uses a belt clip concept. Their system was designed by an innovative young man from Texas and is made here in the USA. I encourage you to check out their website to learn more about the product as the description provided here doesn't do the Versa Carry justice. We found that a drawback to this carry method is that you are unable to reholster without removing the clip from your belt, but many other carry methods suffer from this same issue.

Northstar Leather

If you are looking for quality leather made products made in the USA, take a look at Northstar. We have ordered several of their products over the years and their craftsmanship is unsurpassed. Their pricing is also very reasonable. Tatone Investigations LLC uses many or their products in our investigative and security operations.

SpecOps Brand

SpecOps Brand makes some high quality nylon tactical gear right here in the USA. Their pricing is competitive with any of the foreign made products, yet their quality unsurpassed. If you need a product of this nature, they are worth taking a look and we think you will be pleasantly surprised. They also back their products with a lifetime guarantee, though likely you would never need it.